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Journey towards Allah – an inspiring book on pilgrimage

Journey towards Allah – an inspiring book on pilgrimage

Journey towards Allah is, in book-form, a fascinating, inspiring and elevating description of the journey to Hijaz undertaken by Dr Asif Mahmood Jah in order to perform pilgrimage.

Originally written in Urdu, the book is remarkable for the graceful simplicity both of diction and of theme, the maturity and sweep of thought, the exuberant emotion of love for God and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the consummate skill with which it has been written.

The author describes various stages of the pilgrimage so vividly and with such sincerity that one feels one is accompanying the author and himself performing the pilgrimage.
The author expresses his strong love for God and His Last Messenger (PBUH) with such intensity of emotion that the readers are carried away with it.

Even during his service to God, he does not forget his service to mankind.
He carries with him his medicines and treats the ailing pilgrims irrespective of their nationality.
The philanthropist in him is always active and willing to provide comfort to the needy.

All those Muslims who go on pilgrimage experience the same feelings as the author did but what distinguishes Dr.
Asif Mahmood Jah from them is his brilliant expression of such feelings.
He has a natural gift of expressing in words what is going on in his heart and mind.
His strong belief in God and profound love for the Prophet (PBUH) enable him to select impressive and appropriate words for the expression of his experiences while performing the pilgrimage.

The author, an officer in the Customs Department, is known for his honesty and efficiency but more than that, he is a doctor and social worker.
His love for mankind is evident from his life-style.
Besides performing his official duties, he has been running a free dispensary for those patients who cannot afford costly treatment.
Over the years, he has established a large net-work of free dispensaries for the poor.
He is the servant of the poor in the truest sense of the word.
He avails himself of every opportunity that he finds to serve the suffering humanity.
He is full of, as Shakespeare said, “the milk of human kindness”.

He is a true devotee of God and a passionate lover of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).
His book is a mirror of his personality.
He is a true Muslim, an honest officer, a kind, compassionate, able and selfless doctor and above all, a gentleman par excellence.
His immense emotion of love for the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is his most remarkable virtue and  the most distinctive feature of his beloved personality.

His book is not only a source of inspiration for the believers, but also a guide for those aspiring to perform pilgrimage.
It gives the readers a spiritual joy and also necessary knowledge to perform pilgrimage.
Hence, this book is doubly useful.

Dr Asif Mahmood Jah deserves congratulation for writing such a wonderful book.

Published in The Nation newspaper on 05-Sep-2016


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