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Relief Of IDPs of North Waziristan

  1. Provision of immediate medical and relief supplies to the IDPs of North Waziristan was the main objective of the care and welfare team of Customs Health Care Society (CHCS). Seeing this emergent need, Customs Health Care Society first of all established a medical clinic in Miryan, Bannu which is located only one kilometer away from border of North Waziristan. This clinic has been provided medical facilities to the IDPs as well as the local population since 1st June, 2014. Besides this, the medical team of (CHCS) was immediately rushed to Bannu with ambulance, mobile hospital and relief goods to help the IDPs.
  2. The details of medical and relief work so far undertaken by the teams of the Customs Health Care Society (CHCS) in Bannu for the IDPs of North Waziristan is given as under:-
    1. It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that the care and welfare teams of Customs Health Care Society (CHCS) under the supervision of the undersigned have once again taken the lead to reach the earthquake affected areas of Awaran, Baluchistan immediately after 24 September earthquake and at present are fully engaged in the relief and rehabilitation work for the earthquake affectees there. The detail of the relief work undertaken by CHCS in Awaran, Baluchistan is given as under:-
    2. Establishment of Tent Villages, in Malar, Awaran, immediately after the earthquake.
    3. Supply of food items, clothes, Tarpaulins, mosquito nets and kitchen ware to 2,000 families.
    4. Medical and Relief Camps and establishment of a small dispensary in Malar, Awarn. Treatment of 10,000 patients.
    5. Sacrifice of goats and distribution of meat among the affectees.
    6. Distribution of ladies shawls, clothes, shoes, jackets, suits and Eid Gifts among the earthquake victims.
    7. Start of Reconstruction of Mosques and one room houses for the shelter less earthquake victims.
    8. Preparation of 4000 Quilts by a sister organization (Kawish Welfare Trust) and their subsequent distribution.
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