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Digging of Wells in Thar

  1. Provision of safe drinking and hygienic water is the main problem of the Thar population. Seeing this emergent need, Customs Health Care Society has embarked upon digging of new wells, repair of the old ones and installation of deep bore hand pumps in remotest Goths (villages) of Tharparkar.
  2. The details of medical and relief work undertaken by the teams of the Customs Health Care Society (CHCS) in drought hit areas of Tharparkar is given as under:-
    1. Establishment of four clinics.
    2. Treatment of 50,000 patients in drought stricken areas of Tharparkar.
    3. Distribution of Relief goods worth millions of rupees.
    4. Installation of deep bore hand pumps.
    5. Repairing of old Wells.
    6. Digging of 35 New Wells.
    7. Provision of safe, fresh, hygienic and sweet water to the people and animals of 40 Goths of Tharparkar.
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